Urgent Jobs In U.k For Foreigners (Apply Now)

The United Kingdom is home to over 7 million foreigners as it makes provisions and creates job opportunities for both citizens and foreigners, I can say that everyone and anyone living in the United Kingdom can tell you that the country doesn’t joke with the payment of taxes and has strong punishments for tax evaders that’s why they make sure that everyone out there has something doing and also a source of income.

Anyways you might be a foreigner who is in the United Kingdom or possibly a foreigner who is planning on migrating to the U.K and might be exploring urgent jobs (what I would refer to as Hot Cake jobs) for foreigners in the U.K; well, I can assure you that the jobs I am about to list out are jobs that are in demand in the United Kingdom and these jobs are also open to foreigners. However, before you go out there and start looking for jobs, there are some things you need to be aware of so that you don’t have any issues with the law enforcement agencies or any employer over there in the U.K.

  1. Possess a valid means of identification
  2. You must be a legal migrant
  3. You must possess a work permit which gives you the right to work
  4. You must have a clean criminal record (a background check may be carried out in most cases)
  5. Display the willingness and readiness to work
  6. Be ready to abide by the laid down rules of the country that covers immigrants and job opportunities
  7. Be ready to abide by the laid down rules that are given to you by your employer or the organization

Having the above mentioned in mind and into consideration before you go out there to work puts you a step closer to getting employed.


Urgent jobs in the U.K for foreigners


  1. Store managers

A store manager is an individual that is responsible for running and overseeing the day-to-day activities of a store, subsequent duties that are performed by a store recruiting new members of staff, training them, managing budgets for the store, and possibly attending to customers complaints in cases and scenarios where other junior staff can’t handle the customers. As a foreigner who is working as a store manager in the United Kingdom, you tend to earn about €30,000 annually.


  1. Delivery Driver

A delivery driver is an individual who drives and delivers customers’ orders to them, a delivery driver also performs other tasks like loading and unloading the van, reviewing the orders for delivery, and making sure they get to the right person. Before you can become a delivery driver, you need to have gone to a driving school and also possess a driver’s license which would give you the right to work, and must also pass an eyesight test for your employer to be sure that you do not have any issues with your eyes. A foreigner who is working as a delivery driver in the United Kingdom is estimated to be earning about €20,000 annually.


  1. Customer assistant

A customer assistant is an individual whose job is to help customers whenever they need them, a customer assistant may also be required to perform other tasks such as taking orders (virtually or physically), dealing with customers’ complaints, arranging items in the store, making sure that the store shelves are always clean, and also handling payments. As a customer assistant, you must be fluent in your use of English, you must also be able to express yourself at all times, and also be a problem solver; as a foreigner who is working as a customer assistant in the United Kingdom is estimated to be earning about €16,000 annually.


  1. Store assistant

A store assistant is an individual whose job is quite similar to the job of a customer assistant, only that a store assistant works mostly in retail stores; the store assistant performs functions like attending to customers, cleaning the shelves in the store, ordering stocks that are running out, greeting customers, and taking payment. A foreigner who is working as a store assistant in the United Kingdom is estimated to be earning about €18,000 annually.


  1. Project manager

A project manager is an individual whose job is to plan, organize, control, and deliver a certain project on time within the budget and duration that was set out for the project; project managers are often time individuals who possess a business-related degree. A foreigner who is a project manager in the United Kingdom is estimated to earn about €43,000 annually.


Things to know for foreigners who want to work in the U.K

  1. Have a clean criminal record (employers do background checks most times)
  2. Possess a work permit (it gives you the freedom to work anywhere)
  3. Be a legal migrant
  4. Be ready to work
  5. Have the necessary qualifications for the jobs you want to apply for
  6. Obey any rules that are given to you


In summary, the above listed are urgent jobs in the U.K for foreigners as they are available and open to citizens of other countries irrespective of your nationality and provided that you have the necessary qualifications.

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