Immigrating To United Kingdom: Easiest Ways To Immigrate To The U.K

As a foreigner who has always dreamed of moving to the U.K, which happens to be home to over 7 million foreigners and also one of the countries in the world that records a massive number of immigrants every year.

You might be wondering and looking for the easiest ways to immigrate to the U.K, well I can assure you that this article got you covered as it highlights the easiest ways to immigrate to the U.K.

Before you plan on going to the U.K, you need to have a visa which makes it important for you to look at the type of visa you may need in the process of immigrating to the U.K; there are different types of U.K visas which include:

  1. Visitor visa which allows an individual to stay in the U.K for up to 6 months, such visas are only granted if you’re coming in as a tourist or visiting your friends and families who are staying in the U.K.
  2. A family visa is only granted if you have a family or a spouse who is either a citizen of the U.K or one who has either a refugee status or an indefinite leave to remain (ILR) status.
  3. A study visa is only granted to an intending student or individual who is a student of a British institution.
  4. A work visa is only granted to individuals that have an employment offer from any U.K employer or organization, and such a visa can last up to 5 years as individuals who hold such visas can choose to apply for ILR or citizenship after the visa has expired.
  5. An Innovator visa is granted to individuals who are either investors or entrepreneurs and want to set up a business in the U.K or maybe run an already established business in the U.K.

The following are the type of visas that are being issued by the government of the U.K to foreign citizens from all over the world, so you should look out for the one that might fit into your immigration plan; so, you might have made up your mind for the type of visa that would be suitable for you and might be wondering the easiest ways to immigrate to the U.K; be rest assured as this article would list out the easiest ways of immigrating to the U.K.


Easiest ways to immigrate to the U.K

  1. Employment or Job offer

If you have a job offer or an employment letter from an employer or organization in the U.K, then it is one of the fastest ways of moving to the United Kingdom as the government of the U.K has made it easy for foreigners who have employment offers from a recognized employer or organization to come work and reside in the U.K


  1. Setting up a business

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to set up a business in the United Kingdom or wants to go run an already existing business in the U.K, then it is quite easy for individuals who fall into such category as you can apply for an innovator visa which would be granted upon review by the immigration experts handling such visas.


  1. Study

As a student, you can immigrate to the U.K by studying, individuals are advised to apply for a study visa after receiving an admission or acceptance letter from any recognized U.K institution.


  1. Asylum or refugee

You can immigrate to the U.K by seeking asylum if you have left your country in a bid to seek protection from any form of persecution or violation of your fundamental human right, you can also apply as a refugee if your country is facing things like natural disasters or war.


  1. Family or spouse

If your family members or spouse are either citizens of the U.K, holds an ILR status, or a refugee status; they can apply for you to come to join them in the U.K as the law of the United Kingdom permits such.


NOTE: Individuals who fall into the above-listed method (s) of immigration can apply for an ILR (INDEFINITE LEAVE TO REMAIN) as it gives them the right to stay in the U.K for as long as they want and it also gives them the right to also apply for citizenship if they want.


Things to know before immigrating

  1. You need to be financially stable
  2. You need to have a skill that increases your chances of getting employed
  3. The U.K government has a very strong tax system
  4. The United Kingdom is quite expensive to live in
  5. Make sure you are sure of the type of visa you need before you start processing your papers
  6. Do not sell off any of your valuable assets while processing your visa as it may be denied
  7. Be ready to abide by any laid down rules of the government
  8. Have a clean criminal record


In summary, I believe this article has been able to list out the easiest way to immigrate to the U.K and has also listed out the type of visas been issued by the government and subsequently things every individual out there needs to know before they start their immigration journey.


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