Canada Study Permit ­– How To Apply To Study In Canada

Canada is the number 1 choice for international students planning on studying abroad as the country has reputable and renowned institutions that provide quality education for students (both local and international students) and a conducive learning environment for their students.

Getting admitted into a Canadian institution is a dream come true for many international students as they know it isn’t easy to get admission into a Canadian institution. Well, kudos to you if you just gained entry into any Canadian institution.

NOTE: Even after getting an acceptance letter from any Canadian institution, you might still not be allowed to study in Canada if you don’t have a Canadian study permit, and that’s why you need to make sure you get it on time else, you studying in Canada would be delayed until you get a study permit from the Canadian government.

Not sure how to get a Canadian study permit from outside Canada?

Well, continue reading, as this article will teach you the easiest way to get a Canadian study permit after you have received an acceptance letter from any Canadian institution.


Canada study permit – how to apply to study in Canada 

What is a Canadian study permit? 

A Canadian study permit is a document issued by the Canadian immigration service that serves as a right or permission that enables international students to study in Canada.

Without a study permit, you wouldn’t be able to get enrolled in the institution to which you gain admission; hence you need to make sure you get your study permit so it doesn’t prevent you from studying.


Things to have before applying for a Canadian study permit 

  1. You must have access to a scanner or camera, which would be used to create electronic copies of the documents you want to upload.
  2. A valid international passport (from your country of residence)
  3. An acceptance letter from the institution you’re studying in
  4. Other supporting documents
  5. A credit card to pay for the application fee

The above listed are the things you need to have before starting the application process for your study permit; however, it doesn’t end there; there are other eligibility requirements that international students need to meet before being granted a study permit.

Such include the following:

Eligibility requirement for international students that want to apply for a study permit

  1. An acceptance letter from the institution
  2. A valid international passport
  3. Proof of financial buoyancy
  4. Supporting documentation
  5. Proof of clean criminal record (as individuals would be required to get a proof from the law enforcement agencies in their country)
  6. Present a medical certificate that proves that you are in good shape.


NOTE: Due to the outbreak of the deadly Corona Virus (Covid-19), foreign students are to present a certificate that they’ve taken the vaccine.

How to apply for a Canadian student permit 


  1. Prepare all your documents

Ensure you have all the necessary documents like your acceptance letter, passport, proof of financial buoyancy, police verification, medical certificate, and other supporting documents depending on your country of residence.

  1. Mail it

After you have prepared all your documents, make sure you have a scanner to turn them into electronic copies; after you have done it, mail it to the visa application center assigned to your country of residence.

  1. Get a credit card and pay your application fee.

Your application will not be complete if you don’t pay your application fee.

A credit card would be needed to pay your application fee; if you don’t pay this fee, your application wouldn’t be processed, so make sure you get a credit card and complete your application process.

After you have done all this, the next thing to wait for is a response from the Canadian immigration services. If you get a positive response from them that your application was accepted, you can proceed to come and study in Canada.

In summary, I believe this article has taught you how to apply for a Canadian study permit and provides insight on how to apply for a study permit and also things to consider before applying for a Canadian study permit.

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