Signs God Is Preparing You For a Relationship

Have you been single and wondering when you’ll meet that amazing spouse of your dreams? Or are you confused about the right time to go into a more committed relationship? Whatever the case may be, this article has been designed to show some of the signs God is preparing you for a relationship.

It’s often easy to find a partner, but it isn’t straightforward to find a partner to settle down with forever. That is why we need to involve God when searching for and build up a relationship.

There are different reasons for which some people are still single. Sometimes we are occupied by our daily activities and barely have time to think about love and all that comes with it. All we are interested in is making money and how to make more money due to the economic situation of the country we live in. We see relationships as distractions and unnecessary for that period, and that’s great.

Other categories of people are still single because they’re yet to find true love and happiness from anyone. Some of them have been hurt severally in their past and made certain decisions due to the experiences and lessons they learned in their past. You might be willing to go into a relationship but scared of making another mistake or getting hurt again; you’re scared of recycling your experiences or going through what you’ve heard from other people’s experiences.

These are the primary reasons you should be working with God this time and evenly identifying when it’s right to go into a relationship.
Below are signs from God to you;

5 Signs God Is Preparing You For a Relationship


1. Having constant suitors

For women, it is very normal to have admirers and men wooing you. But it becomes suspicious when different men are now constantly coming for marriage. This stage could be very confusing because you are now left to choose your spouse. This could be a clear sign from God, telling you that it’s time to get married. But you still have to pray fervently about it to be sure of his plan for you.

2. Feeling lonely

Generally, it is very normal to feel lonely at some point in our lives, probably when we are missing people or when our loved ones are far from us. But it becomes abnormal when you’re constantly feeling emotionally down, nothing else seems to impress you, and you feel incomplete and need someone to share your burdens with. This condition could be a sign that you need a relationship.

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3. Continual Prosperity

When you see yourself prospering in all ramifications of your life, you have a booming business, acquired properties, and made significant investments that sometimes baffle you. You’re wondering why God has been blessing you continuously; it could be a sign that he has prepared you for marriage and expects you to find a woman that will secure your blessings with you. This could be easily related to men.

4. Personal Revelations

This could be in the form of dreams, visions, meditations, or prophetical messages from a clergy concerning marriage and relationships. When you receive such revelations telling you something that has to do with you getting married or ringing in your mind that you need a partner, I think it’s enough to sign from God that you should get a partner.

5. Self-improvement

This is another sign of God preparing a relationship for you. Sometimes you might find yourself trying to improve your character and changing from your old ways. You suddenly develop this sense of responsibility and want to create a better version of yourself. You are independent in all areas of your life, and now you’re full of so much love for yourself and the people around you.

Your pasts no longer matter to you anymore, and you have moved on to making life more meaningful for yourself. All these show that you’re mature enough to go into a new relationship, and God could be in support of it.

However, there are different signs that God can put in your heart to alert you that he’s preparing you for a relationship. You can only know his mind for you when you pray and drop a request. In other words, when you reverently ask God for something through prayers, He will, in turn, answer that prayer either by speaking into our minds, showing us gentle signs, or by leading us to the divine path of which those prayers would be answered.

I hope you found this content useful; thanks for reading! I sincerely feel you should be more patient when waiting for his response to issues. Even the scriptures have said that God is a God of times and seasons. So believe that he will answer your prayers in his own time and according to his perfect will for you.

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