Home Remedies To Tighten Your Virginia – Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

home remedies to tighten your virginia: In recent searches, many women have been asking for reliable solutions to a loosed vagina. Medical practitioners have revealed different authentic routines of tightening the vagina back, which we are about to see in this article.

However, before discussing the remedies for vaginal tightening, we first have to know the actual causes or reasons the vagina gets loosened so that we be informed rather than living in ignorance.

Frequent sex is the most thinkable way people assume the vagina can be widened. An average person would say that a wide or loosed vagina is due to regular sex, but that’s a lie. You need to understand that too much sex does not affect the size of your vaginal opening. In other words, how frequently you have sex will not affect the strength of your vagina.

Below are some common causes of the loosed vagina;

  • Menopause
  • Pelvic trauma
  • Strenuous and intense exercises
  • Lifting of heavy items
  • Gynecological surgery 
  • Childbirth 
  • Old Age
  • Other medical conditions 

Vaginal laxity should not be treated with immediate urgency as the condition could be natural and even best for sexual satisfaction. 

A loose vagina is not a sign of infidelity or waywardness; it is not something that describes your lifestyle in any way. It is not something you should be worried about, except if the laxity is causing you pain or discomfort.

Wether lose or tight, what matters is how confident you feel about yourself and how well you keep your vagina clean and healthy. 

Nevertheless, you might have concrete reasons that has made you want to tighten your loose vagina, it is advised that you do not use quick and cheap remedies that could have dangerous side effects afterward.

There are standard ways of tightening a loosed vag that most women created. They believe that fruits and vegetables will work since their natural ingredients, but this is wrong! Natural ingredients like; Lemon juice, Alex Vera, Vinegar, Cinnamon, Turmeric powder, Herbs, and spices are not scientifically proven methods of tightening the vagina; whoever practices the usage of this products in the vagina is exposing it to several health risks. Never try them or use them in your vagina. 

Home Remedies To Tighten Your Virginia – Tighten Your Vagina Naturally

Generally, douching the vaginal area is not a good idea. It can cause irritation, hotness, redness, and inflammation of the vagina. Using Lemon Juice, for example, to clean the vagina can cause imbalances in your pH levels, which could lead to urinary incontinence, i.e., urinating involuntarily because of the ingredient’s acidic nature, and could also give rise to infectious diseases.

Now let’s look at some natural, safe and effective ways to tighten up the vagina and keep it in good shape. Unlike the vegetables and ingredients earlier mentioned to be dangerous to the delicate vaginal areas, the below methods about to be highlighted are so safe, reliable, and scientifically recommended.

• Myofascial massage Therapy is a massage that applies pressure on any area of the body targeted. It is done for areas of the fascia that surround your muscles and bones so you can move more freely.

• Hypopressives Therapy – These are series of breathing exercises that improves your pelvic floor area. It is targeted at women’s posture to improve their overall body and health.

• Yoni steaming Therapy – This is the kind of exercise you do to relax your pelvic floor muscles. While doing the exercise it involves you sitting over warm herbal-infused water so that your pelvic floor muscles get relaxed.

• Block Therapy – This is an exercise that involves a block-work and diaphragmatic breath that will focus mainly on the fascia. Doing this exercise regularly will help strengthen your pelvic floor for a good and healthy vagina.

• Eating right – When you eat healthy and nutritious food, it will support your body’s metabolism by taking every food content to its best function area. This will decrease unnecessary stress and help your body maintain a good balance.

• Wearing of lingerie – Well, this has not been scientifically proven true. Still, most women have testimonies concerning lingerie wearing and how it helps the vagina tighten gradually. The lingerie type should look like a swimsuit, which covers both your bum and your boobs. While the cloth relaxes on your vag, it exacts a light but full pressure there, making it close up each period you are wearing the cloth.

• Sitting position- Sitting with legs closed can be a kind of exercise that will exact pressure on your gluteals and vagina areas. Sitting with your legs closed and thighs shut will close the vagina for some time, allowing it relax for the periods you’re sitting. Doing this regularly will increase your chances of having a tight vagina again.

These remedies mentioned above can be practiced more in the home. Avoid taking pills or injections for vagina tightening because you never can tell if they will have side effects. Remember that these processes are not magical; they require consistency and patience to achieve what you want. 

Every woman deserves to be confident about their body, so if there is anything, you must do to feel better and more confident about yourself, feel free to do it, but cautiously and legally. Thanks for reading! and share this article “home remedies to tighten your virginia” helpful



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