How To Know If She Is The One

Are you looking for your Miss right, the one you want to go down the aisle with and make that one-time life-promising commitment? Are you curious to know how you can identify a qualified woman to plan your future with? Worry no more because this article will give you the easiest ways to identify a woman meant for you as you read on.

When you’re in a romantic relationship with someone already, from time to time, it is very natural for you to doubt that person’s ability to stay with you forever. Sometimes you look at your girlfriend and wonder if she is the one you can spend the rest of your life with. Sometimes you’re scared to lose her because she is the only person that makes your heart beat faster in a lovely way. The truth is that love is never enough reason to marry someone. You need to check out other qualities in the woman you love, so you can be very sure she can stick with you and keep all the marital vows forever.

However, you don’t need a decade to study a good woman; a good woman will always reveal her true self because she has nothing fishy to hide. Generally, a woman is like an open book when she’s in love, whether good or bad. She will eagerly confide in you, share her plans and life goals with you, trust you enough to tell you anything and be herself without being pretentious about it.
Dating and courtship are critical stages before marriage. No matter how long you have dated a woman, you still need to court her seriously for at least 3-4months to study and know if you’re compatible.
Below are the things to look out for in a woman when you’re dating and courting;

How To Know If She Is The One – 6 Signs to Tell She’s The One


1.) Her drive to achieve goals and ambitions

This is one of the main things to look out for in a woman you want to spend the rest of your life with. Does she have goals? Does she have dreams? Is she working towards being independent, or is she a liability kind of lady? Is she seeking education, skills, and a career? What are her plans for making money that can sustain her and her future? Is she going to be supportive or just a consumer?? These are the questions you should be able to ask yourself and answer correctly before making the next move. Remember that the world is drastically changing; only a dynamic and ambitious woman will help a man build a successful home.

2.) Self-improvement: Her zeal for advancing and growing has to do with her zeal.

If she is always thinking of ways to improve herself and step up her games in all ramifications of her life, then it’s a good sign that she can help build a fast-improving home. It also means she doesn’t appreciate stagnancy and can help you improve and grow.

3.) Her relationship with your friends and family.

When a woman loves you, she will naturally love everything about you. And that includes your immediate family members and friends. She will love everything you love and try her best to treat them nicely. Even in conversations, she will surely ask about your siblings or parents. Being caring about your family and friends is another way of her proving that she’s ready to be a part of your whole life.

4.) How does she think of others

A selfish woman will always speak for herself and try to make decisions that will cater to her needs without thinking of how others will cope with those decisions.
No matter how much she claims to love you, she will be rude and disrespectful to you one day. Check out for these things, does she have empathy for others? Is she rude and proud?

5)You always find her Sexy: Another way to know if she is the one is when you’re highly attracted to her physique and body shape. If you find everything, she does sexy or her every move turns you on emotionally and sexually, that’s a hint that your chemistry matches.

5.) If your thinking correlates

You need to be a woman you can easily relate with, someone who thinks close to the way you think, a woman with the same mindset or view of life as you do. If you think alike or closely alike, you will easily make plans together and enjoy the relationship more because you understand each other perfectly.

This is important because you can not be with someone that does not see life the way you see it. For instance, If you’re someone with a peasant kind of living, you can not be rolling with an extravagant lady. Or, if you enjoy privacy, you will be irritated with a woman who enjoys being a public figure.

The last instance is, if you’re the extrovert type, an introverted lady will find it difficult to cope with you, except she can blend with time. But remember the saying that old habits die hard. Don’t ever have the mindset of changing a full-grown adult, it’s either you find your match, or you cope with their lifestyle.

Nevertheless, there are other factors to knowing the right woman for you, but the ways mentioned above are the easiest ways of finding your perfect match without much stress. These are observable characters you can see in a woman that will make you decide to keep her or do otherwise. I hope you found this article “How To Know If She Is The One” helpful; thanks for reading! Good luck with your choice of a good partner.


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