How To Delete Codecademy Account – Deactivate Codeacademy Account

How To Delete Codecademy Account: Codecademy is an American online learning and interactive platform used for coding. The platform offers free web coding classes in different programming and markup languages like; Java, Go, Python, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, C#, Swift, Sass, HTML, and CSS. 

Codeacademy was founded in August 2011 in New York, United States. It was originally founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubi, which gave the company its big-name Ryzac, Inc. As of April 2020, the coding platform has recorded over 45 million users and has subsequently employed 109 workers.

However, there could be different unprofessional reasons that could make you decide to delete your Codeacademy account. You’re probably fed up with using the account or tired of the numerous email spamming from the company. Whatever the case may be, this article will lead you to easy steps on how to delete Codecademy account permanently.

Below are the procedures;

The first step is to Log into your Codecademy account. You progress by going to the ACCOUNT SETTING page. On the left side, you will see a bar indicating DELETE ACCOUNT. Click on it. Then you will be redirected to a page where you will finally confirm your account deletion by clicking on I UNDERSTAND, DELETE MY ACCOUNT. At this point, your account will be successfully deleted.

In conclusion, Codeacademy is a fun, free, educative, and accessible coding platform. Moreover, since you have decided to delete your account, It is important to note that you have to be out of all Pro subscriptions. If you’re on a Codeacademy Pro subscription, you have to wait until the subscription is canceled at the last billing period before deleting your account.


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