Dirty Paragraphs For Her

Sometimes, your woman deserves to know how much you crave her body. Women enjoy being told how attractive their body looks; they feel more confident when they know their partner is highly attracted to their body shape or physique.

Sending her romantic chats with naughty or dirty paragraphs is an informal way of expressing your desire for her. It might, in turn, put her in the mood of desiring the same things from you.

It could be challenging to know the right things to say to a woman that wouldn’t sound disrespectful or piss her off. You need to be careful with your words so that she would not think you’re just in for the sex alone.
So, this article will give you a well-composed and romantic dirty paragraph that will make your woman crave sexual intimacy with you.

Below are 15 Dirty Paragraphs For Her copy and paste to make her smile 

Dirty Paragraphs For Her Copy and Paste to Make Her Smile

1. There are moments I wish to have with you, my love. There are feelings I wish to express to you physically because my feelings for you have passed through phrases and letters. I want to plant a kiss on your lips and feel the sweet sensation that comes from it. I want to hold you tightly and caress your beautiful skin. If you enjoy the moment likewise, we could go wild in satisfying each other’s emotions.

2. My heart races each time I see your pictures or imagine your beautiful face. It makes me think of you and how sweet my moments with you would be. I can’t wait to see you again and unleash all my desires on you.

3. You are all I have ever needed and the only person my heart, soul, and body craves. I don’t know if you feel the same, but I know that a moment with you, staring deep into your eyes and touching you softly, will pass a clear signal to your heart. Telling you how much I want you and you alone.

4. Your gentle voice turns me on, and your sexy glances keep me off balance. I want to squeeze you tightly and lay you gently on the bed. I want to rest on your bosom and caress your body evenly. I want to kiss your whole body like an infant kisses his mother. I can’t wait to rip off your clothes and see your sexy body my queen.

5. I cannot deny that I like you a lot.
Each moment I think about you, I lose my senses, and my body vibrates with sensations and feelings of uncontrollable sexual urge.

6. l miss you being naughty. I miss the crazy side of you. I miss your wandering tongue on my dick. I miss all the pleasures and freaky things you do to me. I miss you now and every day my love. Please come back to me in no time.

7. I can’t stop thinking about the perfect shape of your breast and how amazing it will feel when I touch and run my hands around it. I want to romance your breast till it’s moist and succulent; I want to tickle your nipples and suck them gently till you begin to moan.

8. I’ll make your legs fidget and curl up in absolute pleasure while running my tongue all over your vagina. I want to suck your wet pussy till you grip the bed sheets uncontrollably in satisfaction.

9. Baby, can you come over here, get naked, lay in my bed, spread your hot legs and allow me to take control of your body throughout the night? I can imagine how sweet you will be and how hot I’ll be in satisfying you.

10. I only want to hear you scream when I’m thrusting in and out of your sweet pussy. The only time I want to hear you cry is when you’re in bed with me, moaning my name in pleasure.

11. I really don’t understand how I feel when it comes to you. Each time I look at your pictures, I get uncontrollable wild thoughts; your lips are so attractive that I want to kiss them. Your sexy hourglass shape drives me nuts, baby. I want to hold you tight. I wish to lift you from a tight hug and lay you in my bed. How can I even control these thoughts?

12. I want to tickle my fingers around your thighs; I want to finger your pussy and watch you moan. While fingering you, I’ll move upwards and suck your boobs passionately. Then I’ll penetrate inside your pussy and fuck you good and slow. You will get so wet and want a good fuck yeah? I’ll give it to you just the way you want it baby.

13. I want to get you different lingeries; I want you to wear them for me on your sexy body. I want to stare at you constantly and get a quick erection because you’re the only woman I want to go naughty with.

14. She’s hot, she’s sexy, she’s effortlessly attractive, and she makes my mind go wild. I want to go down with her over and over again. She is too sweet to resist, she is you, and you’re all I want for life.

15. I want us to have romantic sex tonight. The type with red flowers sprinkled on the bed, candle lights all over the room with slow music in the background. I want us to have memorable dawn together; I love you baby!

In conclusion, These are the best romantic dirty paragraphs you can write to your woman. Feel free to copy and paste them into her chats. Indeed, her response will be positive; good luck, and thanks for reading!



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