How to Make a Girl cry in Bed

You can do many things to make a girl cry in bed; if you’re looking for ways to make your woman feel so hot during sex or what to do to make her scream out in ecstasy, then this article is for you.

When a woman cries in bed, there could be only two reasons. It’s either the sex is painful or so sweet and pleasurable. So as a man, you need to be observant enough to indicate the reason for her cries. When the sex is painful, you can use better skills to turn her on and wet her genitals. Or you can stop the sex immediately, as the case may be.

Below are some practical things you can do to make your woman cry in bed;

How to Make a Girl cry in Bed – 6 Best Ways to Make Her Cry


  1.  Look at her face often

Romantic enough, one of the many things a woman enjoys during sex is a direct stare from her man. It might be surprising to tell you that most women want the missionary sex style because of this purpose. Looking at her seductively while having sex with her makes her feel she’s unique to you or admirable. She will either smile in return and moan or cry out softly whenever you do this. Whatever reaction she gives you is to prove to you that she’s feeling you inside of her and enjoying the sex.


  1. Mumble something 

It is so sexy and romantic when you hear each other’s voices during sex. The sex gets hotter when you’re both moaning, making soft sighs, whispering, and demanding what you want and how you want it for equal pleasure.

To make this woman cry in bed, you can whisper naughty words in her ears: “I want to eat your pussy.” “Your tits are so soft.” These nasty words can make her imaginations go so widely and turn her on. You can also tell her how much she means to you and how beautiful her body looks. For instance, “I love you, baby.” “Your lips taste like strawberries.” “I want to make love to you every day.” “You’re so sweet, sugar.” These romantic teases can make her feel confident and earn her trust in having her heart and whole body.


  1. Play with her body

Don’t be too straightforward or fast into penetrating. Foreplays are very important before the main sex; they are the erotic stimulations that lead up to sexual intercourse.

You can play with her body by; Caressing her skin gently, biting the back of her ears or licking it softly, paying attention to her neck side by kissing it and licking around it gently, and rubbing her breast. She was kissing her lips playfully to make her laugh or chuckle and gently thrust her hair.

You can intensify this by sucking her boobs like a baby, touching her genital area, or fingering and sucking her clitoris.

How good you are in doing these things determines how well she will cry out for pleasure.

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  1. Look for her sensitive spot 

If you want to make a girl cry in bed, you must be intentional about pleasing her sexually. Women have so many sensitive zones that they can’t touch themselves except for the case of masturbation. 

You can identify this sensitive spot by observing how she moans when you touch any part of her body. For instance, when you notice she’s enjoying a particular style, please continue with the style and watch her cry out in pleasure.

  1. Give her a body massage

Before having sexual intercourse, be compassionate enough to give your woman a light body massage, and it will make her feel physically relaxed and mentally calm.

Straddle her gently while in bed and give her a good massage. Act romantic by caressing her butt areas or kissing her back and licking her spinal lines. This will provide her with hot sexual signals, especially if she is in love with you.

  1. Last longer in bed

One common marriage problem or relationship problem faced among couples today is lack of sexual satisfaction.

However, as a man, you need to boost your confidence by being good in bed for your wife or girlfriend. The way you satisfy her will make her crave for you despite any relationship issues that might arise. 

When you don’t last long in bed, she won’t feel anything sensational enough to make her cry or moan. 


In conclusion, try your best to satisfy your woman by any means to have a better and healthy sexual relationship. Learn the skills mentioned above and use them well on your woman. I hope you found this content helpful; thanks for reading!

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