Sitting Position for Bigger Hips

Having a great body shape makes a woman stand out and look more physically confident and attractive.

However, acquiring this great body shape doesn’t happen magically. Both the women who got their body shapes naturally from birth and the ones who built it up still need to put in work processes to keep the shape firm.

These processes require time, consistency, body position strategies, readiness to put in the effort, dieting, and maximum workout activities to achieve the body goal.

Are you wondering about the best sitting position that helps develop your hips? Or is the best way you can sit that keeps your gluteal muscle (muscles in the buttocks region) flexible, thereby increasing your hip? Worry no more because this article will reveal the best sitting positions that will help your figure stay intact and curvy in order word “Sitting Position for Bigger Hips”

Below are the best sitting positions for a bigger hip;

Top 5 Sitting Position for Bigger Hips


  1. Thigh toning styles

This is when you sit with your legs crossed in between your laps. You sit and tone your thighs as if moving them to the right side with the help of your legs. Lifting the legs in and out of your laps for about 60 seconds, still sitting in that position will constantly put pressure on your thighs and the gluteals, making them expand gradually and increasing your hips.

  1. Squeezing gluteals 

Sitting and squeezing your gluteal region is a good buttocks exercise, and it also exacts pressure on the hips, indirectly forcing them out gradually. This routine is intense and will require enough energy, time, and consistency. You can practically do this by sitting on a chair, then squeeze your butt in and out as if trying to push out something from your thighs. Do this continuously for about 60seconds.

  1. Chest out while sitting 

This might be easy for you cause most women to lift their chest (breast) while sitting or even walking. Practically you can do this by sitting partly on a chair and then chest out. When you do this, your buttocks will be seen moving backward.

If you do this sitting exercise correctly, you will begin to feel pains around your hips. This pain results from the pressure that has been exacted on the gluteal muscles, making it more flexible, which will gradually increase your hips.

  1. Relax on your butt

As much as squeezing your buttocks has been identified as one of the ways you can increase your hips in this article, it is also important to note that relaxing the buttocks is advisable. This is because the routine has to be balanced to get a better result. You can practically relax your butt by sitting calmly on a pillow, bouncing ball, foam, or soft couch, then try to relax the gluteal areas as best as possible, and make sure you are exacting enough pressure on the buttocks (Sit well on it). Then meditate on that position for about 2 minutes. This style will help widen the gluteal muscle, consequently increasing your hips.

  1. Sit on soft surfaces

Research has revealed that continuous sitting on a hard surface compresses the buttocks, making them look stiff and flattened.

Get used to sitting on soft surfaces like pillows, foams, bouncy chairs, etc. The soft surface can exact mild pressures on your gluteals.

Regular sitting on a soft surface can be a little bouncy; it puts pressure on the buttocks, making them look round-shaped. When your buttocks are protruding, your hips will also increase automatically because they share the same regionals, the gluteals.

Other ways you can get a wider hip is by;

  • Squatting regularly
  • Dieting (weight gain)
  • Using waste trainers
  • Regular hip exercises


Conclusion: Sitting Position for Bigger Hips

In conclusion, practicing a good sitting position will help increase your hips. The fats in the body are increased through extended sitting. For example, triglycerides, a vital fat stored in the body, are produced more during extensive sitting exercises. So, learn to sit often in the best positions mentioned above.

Hopefully, this article “Sitting Position for Bigger Hips” has revealed the vital information you need to know about increasing your hips while sitting. Thanks for reading!


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