Sexting Paragraphs for Her Copy And Paste, Freaky & Dirty Paragraphs

Looking for romantic Sexting paragraphs for her? Read on: Sexting can also be referred to as sex-chatting. It’s the act of sending messages whose content precedes sexual desires.

They are messages you can send to your girlfriend or any woman you have an intimate relationship with to make her want you and desire to have sex with you.

Are you looking for where you can get sexting messages that you can copy and paste for her? Don’t worry because this article will give you sexually exciting paragraphs you can send to her that will make her feel so horny.

Firstly you must know the right time to send these messages. If you send it when she is in a bad mood or stressful moments, it might become very annoying to her, leading to her embarrassing you or giving you a negative reply. Therefore you must make sure this lady is in a good state of mind and interested in getting such messages from you. 

Also, you can try putting her in the mood first before going sexual. You could send complimentary texts to her or say romantic, sweet things to make her smile. You could also try to remind her of your past good times and how much you miss being around her. She could be more emotionally connected to you and ready for sexting with this.

Below are sexting paragraphs for her you can send to her;

Romantic Sexting Paragraphs for Her

  • I can’t sleep, babe; my mind is so clouded with the thoughts of you and the things we would have done together if I was around you. 
  • I like it when you hug me tightly with your soft breast pressing on my chest. I like to grab your soft bum. I miss you a lot, babe; typing this to you gives me a hot erection.
  • I want to look very deep into your eyes and kiss you passionately. Then gently caress your body while doing it; when my hands go down to your pu*sy, I’ll touch the sides gently before fingering It slowly. I want to watch you moan in pleasure while I do this.
  • Your ass is so hot, babe; you’re damn sexy! I want to hold you tightly and squeeze your ass. I want to kiss you passionately, and I’m so in love with your shape of you.
  • Babe, I’m imagining you riding me right now. Your strokes are so sweet, and I can’t wait to taste them again. My d*ck is so hard, wishing you were here. I miss you, baby; I want you bad!
  • Ugh, baby, I want to wet your pu*sy with my tongue; I can’t wait to slide in my d*ck and f*ck you so hot! I want you to moan and scream my name. I want to ride you fast till you squirt and go gently again till you cum.
  • Baby, I wish you were right here with me. I want to feel your beautiful naked breasts and erected nipples. I want to suck it like a baby while you rub my head gently. Ugh, baby, I want to feel you and experience your gentle touch again, my love.
  • I want to suck your shaved pu*sy till your legs begin to shake. I’ll use my tongue to lick every side till I find your clit. I want to suck that pu*sy till you’re a damn wet baby. Then I’ll penetrate and ride you slowly, baby; I’ll ride you deeper till you moan harder!
  • I miss how well you suck my d*ck. I miss your wet tongue and how warm it feels in your mouth. Just the imagination is making me hard. I can’t wait to be with you again because you’re so sweet and drive me crazy.
  • Can we have a cold shower together? I want to see your beautiful body while you see mine. No doubt I’ll be strongly erected waiting for your permission to take you off the blues. Sex in the shower would be so sweet, baby cos. I’ll f*ck you sweetly while you’re wet in the cold; I’ll cuddle you in my arms and kiss you with passion. Baby I can’t wait to swim into your ocean of love.
  • If I get hold of you again, I’ll f*ck you till you forget your name and scream mine. Don’t be scared baby, Cos I’ll be very gentle on you till you cry for more. I just can’t wait to get down with you and make you feel like a complete woman.
  • Your boobs drive me crazy. I love the size and shape of it. I want to rub it gently and suck your hard, erected nipples. I can’t wait to see you again baby. There are so many things I’ll like us to do and have some quality couple moments.
  • Darling, I want us to practice new sex styles. I want us to explore for more satisfaction; I want us to go crazy with each other… I want to be sexually crazy with the woman I love. What do you think babe?
  • I want to slide my hands under your skirt, rubbing your thighs slowly… my fingers adjusting your pant so I can find my way into your pu*sy. I’ll slowly finger you till you begin to moan. I want to kiss you with so much passion while you grab and rub my d*ck… ugh…. I want us to vigorously pull each other’s clothes while I penetrate and give you your wildest imagination.
  • I imagine you sitting on my d*ck right now, giving me a slow lap dance. Ugh, baby… The thought is making me hard already. I want to grab your boobs from behind and squeeze it gently. Watching your soft ass roll around my d*ck gives me sensational triggers that want to make me f*ck you so hard. 


Concusion: Sexting paragraphs for her

The sexting paragraphs written above can be very sensitive to the woman you’re sending it to. It would make her crave you and desire to have sex with you as soon as possible. I hope you can practically satisfy her, as said in the above paragraphs.

Good luck with that, and thanks for reading!


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