Sleeping Position for Bigger Hips

Keeping in shape is a very intense routine that requires maximum consistency. You must be ready to put in the necessary work and patience needed to get the perfect results you want.

It is however disappointing to tell you that your sleeping position does not determine how big or small your hip will be. The way you choose to sleep cannot affect the shape of your hip. 

Instead, your wrong sleeping positions can only cause pains to your hip and body in general. Also, wrong sleeping positions can exact pressure that gradually weakens the gluteus muscles.

The gluteal muscle often called glutes or gluteus (in plural form) are a group of three muscles that makes up the gluteal region commonly known as the buttocks.

It is important to note that the muscle in your hip regions is flexible. Engaging in constant exercises or workouts that target the hip areas will increase its flexibility and make the hip enlarge. These routines are not magical, with consistency, they might take time, weeks and months to be visible. Exercises cannot be practiced while sleeping. No matter the hard positions you choose to lay.

However, in this article, we will be answering some of the frequent questions people may ask regarding this topic.” Sleeping position for bigger hips”

  1. Does sleeping on your side make your hips smaller?
  2. Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger?
  3. How can I make my hip big?


Does sleeping on your side make your hips smaller?

It has not yet been confirmed or relatively true that sleeping on your side will make your hips smaller. But sleeping in the wrong position can affect your hip region by removing your hips from its natural alignment.

Side sleeping can cause chronic back pains and other discomforts to your body and health in general. The only advantage of sleeping on your sides is to promote proper spinal alignment which exacts no pressure on the hip, buttocks, back and neck in any way positive.

Some of the factors that can make your hip small are; loss of weight, lack of regular exercise and other health issues. Sleeping in any position is totally out of it.

Well, we can agree that side sleeping has no effect on increasing or decreasing the hip region of the body. Instead, it causes pains and discomfort to the body.


Does sleeping on your stomach make your bum bigger?

No, sleeping on your stomach does not affect the shape of your buttocks. But when you have quality sleep with the right sleeping positions it will boost every organ of your body and reduce the tension in the gluteal regions. Giving you more relaxed buttocks.

On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach is bad and can cause some health problems like; Lower back pains, wrinkles and ageing, neck pains, stomach inflammations. All these pains were due to the change in the position of your spines. Literally, your spines have not been in a normal or neutral condition all night while you were sleeping. So if you have been sleeping with your stomach for a bigger bum please stop that immediately cos it has no advantage.

But don’t worry this article will reveal more natural ways you can continually increase your hips without side effects.


How can I make my hip big?

At the beginning of this article, it was mentioned that engaging in constant exercises or workouts that target the hips will increase its flexibility and make the hip enlarge. Physical exercises are the most trusted way to keep a good shape. Below is a list of exercises you can practice plus other natural ways you can successfully make your hips grow bigger;

  1. Performing Squatting exercises: 

The up and down movements while squatting is a good exercise that can bring out your hips and consequently make them bigger with time. You can squat often when taking your bath, washing or doing other domestic activities. The right way to squat is by lowering down with your chest faced out. While your knees are pointed forward. When you do this you will realize your bum is pointing backwards giving you an almost hourglass shape. Better still you can register with professional gym instructors that can guide you better in achieving this process.

  1. Practicing hip lifts: 

which involves you lying down on your back with bent knees, then moving your feet towards your hip. You press your palms on the floor to support you while you lift your hip as high as you can. Repeating this process for 30 seconds, 2-3 times daily will help make your gluteal more flexible.

  1. Practicing good sitting position: 

When you sit on soft surfaces like soft couch or soft bed with your back slightly bent for long periods, it can exact pressure on your hip and help generate a good fat build up in your gluteal.

  1. Hip bridge exercise: 

This is done by lying on your back with your feet flat on the bed. Then you lift up your hips off the bed with your buttocks squeezed at the top. As you do this, you slowly lower your hips back down to the bed repeatedly till you feel the pressure around your glutes. You can practice this three times a day.

  1. Work on your diet: 

Taking some junk foods that contain fats can help you gain weight in the right places including your buttocks which can gradually enlarge your hip muscles(gluteal). You can support this diet with proper exercise so that the fats can go into the right places.


Nevertheless, being physically active is the best way you can achieve bigger thighs, hips and buttocks. Regular exercises will bring out the hips naturally and fit.

Be careful of surgery and taking supplements or other hip enlargement products as some of these measures might have dangerous side effects. Seek the help of a professional doctor if you must try that pattern. I hope this article “Sleeping position for bigger hips” was helpful to you. Thanks for reading!





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