Would iOS 14 updates still be available after the iOS 15 Release?

As you know, Apple usually comes out with major iOS updates every year. So, they’ve announced the new iOS system to arrive soon this year. However, it’s not clear when it’ll be available for installing on your iPhone or iPad. So, you might have to wait quite late this year to know the details.

Many iOS 14 users are wondering whether they can continue using their device’s current system, especially since iOS 14 comes with some great features that have been very popular among users. Now, in case you’re wondering the same, you might be able to get updates. The information given below should clear your queries regarding this matter.


Will Apple continue to release iOS 14 Updates?

iOS 14 has evolved quite significantly after it was first released. Apple has fixed all the bugs on this system with patches and enhanced its performance. So, you might not be willing to let go of your device’s iOS 14 system yet. In that case, Apple has recently announced that they’ll keep releasing security updates for it. After all, a lot of users want to continue with iOS 14 a bit longer.

Now, this is the first time that Apple has taken such a step. Moreover, they might roll out an iOS 14 security update even before they release iOS 15. But, we must wait for a while to make sure whether that’s going to happen.

Various issues with your iPhone might make your data vulnerable. So, make sure to hire a competent iPhone repair service e and get them fixed. After all, this is as important as any security update for your device.


Why might you want to hold on to iOS 14?

The security features of iOS 14 are probably the main reason why users want to continue with it. Apart from that, they might have some other reasons as well. Here’s why you might want to hold on to iOS 14 on your iPhone for a while:


  1. Formidable Wi-Fi Protection

iOS 14 bestows more focus on securing your Wi-Fi than any earlier iOS versions. This feature is quite a useful one that many users highly appreciate. After all, wireless networks are quite a common means for cybercriminals to breach your device. Especially so, in recent times, as the use of Wi-Fi has increased.


As it happens, hackers can track your iPhone using the network you’ve connected to. iOS 14 is the first system to feature effective protection against this threat. It can block any unauthorised person from tracking your device. And, for that, it features the “Private Address” option in Wi-Fi settings.

iOS 15 might continue with this feature and enhance it further. After all, it provides a significant security advantage to iPhones over other devices.

  1. Alerts when Apps use the Microphone and Camera

Many apps on your device might use your camera and microphone with your permission. But, some malicious third-party apps may try to access these components without informing you. Now, such cases aren’t as rare as you might think. Also, it’s usually an undetectable threat for most systems.

But, that’s not the case with iOS 14, as it can detect them and notify you. Also, it’s the first iOS version that had this feature. Hopefully, Apple will include it in iOS 15 as well.


  1. Alerts when Apps Monitor the Clipboard

You probably wouldn’t want an application on your iPhone to access your clipboard. Yet, many third-party apps might often try to do so. They might monitor what’s on your clipboard for various reasons.

iOS 14 is the only system to date that protects your iPhone against this privacy threat. It alerts you whenever an app tries to access your clipboard. And, that helps you to take the necessary measures to protect your privacy.

  1. Upcoming App Privacy Cards

It has been quite a while since Apple announced the new Privacy Card feature for apps. As you know, the applications on your device may collect data for various purposes. But, you probably don’t know what they do with that information. Now, you might see that as a privacy threat like many users do.

Privacy Cards will allow you to know what an app is doing with your data. And, this could be a great and very useful feature but isn’t available on iOS 14 yet. Hopefully, you’d get it in the upcoming security updates announced by Apple.


What does iOS 15 have to offer you?

You might be finding it difficult to decide whether you want to continue with iOS 14 or get iOS 15. In that case, you should consider what the latter has to offer you. So, here are some of the latest features you can expect in it:

  1. Enhanced FaceTime Experience

FaceTime was first launched along with the iOS 4 system and had significant enhancements. It offers you a more polished experience than ever before. But, there’s always room for new features in it, after all. In iOS 15, you’ll be able to connect with Windows and Android users with FaceTime. And, for that, you simply have to send them a link. So, you’d have complete control over who can chat with you.

Apart from that, the update will also include spatial audio in FaceTime. Moreover, it will also include a grid view of callers chatting with you. Apple has also confirmed the SharePlay feature in FaceTime. This will allow you to play music and videos and share.


  1. New look for Notifications

Many users found the notifications in previous systems a bit difficult to handle. You have probably felt the need for some changes to it as well. In that case, iOS 15 surely wouldn’t disappoint you. It will include an entirely new and cleaner look for notifications on your iPhone. Moreover, you’d be able to arrange them according to the priority of the apps. You can easily set that by going to your device’s Settings.

  1. Focus Mode

Do you prefer to view certain notifications only during certain periods of the day? In that case, you’d be able to make that happen with the upcoming iOS 15 system. It works pretty much like the Do Not Disturb function but with more capabilities. You can switch between various modes and set the notifications you want to see in each mode. Moreover, it’ll also allow you to select specific home screens for various modes.

  1. New privacy features

Major iOS updates, especially the recent ones, usually include various new privacy features. You can expect the same from iOS 15 as well. And, it will come with quite a wide range of new and advanced privacy measures for your iPhone; that would include enhanced email privacy, among other things. Apart from that, you can also get to know — how frequently an app uses your camera and mic? The Privacy Report feature in iOS 15 would let you do that quite easily.


Should you stick to iOS 14?

The aforementioned features are only a small part of what iOS 15 has to offer you. On the other hand, you also have many great features in iOS 14. Moreover, you can expect further enhancements to its security features. Wondering whether you should continue with iOS 14? Carefully consider each of the points aforementioned, related to the systems that iOS 14 and iOS 15 offers you. Then, simply choose the one that best suits your requirements.

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