Jobs in Norway for Foreigners (Apply Now)

If you want to work in Norway as a foreigner, take into account the aspects that are present in this article.

Norway is a nation that is always ready to accept all immigrants. Also, it facilitates the necessary procedures to be legal. Today you can find about 9,000 job offers, but all with different requirements.

Depending on the city you are going to, you will be able to see what they are and if you complete the necessary errands such as up-to-date documentation or a medical certificate that verifies the state of your health, you will have many opportunities.

One of the advantages that working in Norway brings to you is that the minimum wage is very good and it can easily reach € 5,000. If the work is good, it can be a little.

But remember, it is only necessary that you search and try to find something related to what you know how to do. 

Keep in mind that there is a great demand for employment in Norway so it can get a bit complicated for you.

But the main thing is to be positive since in Norway there is little unemployed and generally, foreigners are very well prepared and manage to get.

Top Jobs in Norway for Foreigners & English Speakers

Foreign immigrants may consider vacancies to work in oil companies. Due to its specificity, it attracts few local job seekers.

Foreign residents also have access to professions in the field of fisheries, IT technologies, medicine, pedagogy, construction, and restaurant business.

Below are other top jobs in Norway for foreigners;

  • driller;
  • welder;
  • painter;
  • driver;
  • driver;
  • an electrician;
  • miner;
  • technician;
  • packer;
  • sorter;
  • kitchen assistant;
  • Warehouse worker.

Any specialty must be confirmed by an appropriate diploma or certificate. 

For legal migrant workers in Norway, some programs help foreigners adapt to the new environment.

Most Demanded Specialties in Norway

Norway needs highly qualified specialists. So, having gone through the top jobs in Norway for foreigners. You should also check out the professions that are most demanded.

See them below;

  • Programmers, system administrators, top IT managers;
  • Doctors (primarily of narrow specialization);
  • Teachers of exact sciences in schools and engineering specialists in universities;
  • Oil and gas industry workers (drillers, fitters);
  • Builders (foremen, design engineers, roofers);
  • geoengineers.

Also in demand:

  • Hotel and restaurant workers;
  • Sales consultants;
  • Nannies and social workers;
  • Handymen for the fish processing industry (salting specialists, operators, packers, packers, and sorters).

Finding a Job as a Foreigner in Norway

Even though in Norway the entire population can speak English, it is necessary to know how to speak the native language. 

In the long run, it becomes an indispensable requirement for any job, since, just as many know other languages, there is a percentage that ignores it.

You must know how to relate to people in one way or another, that is why before going to the country or when you arrive, you should start taking a course in which they teach you to be very fluent in it.

Due to the large number of foreigners who live in this country, the selections for work are usually very demanding since you must be tested and see if you are capable of doing everything they ask of you.

Keep in mind that work in Norway is hard but very well paid.

If you are thinking of going to live and work, we recommend targeting cities that are a bit remote and not so much the main ones since the cost of living is not usually that high compared to the capital.

Features and procedure of employment

Official employment means obtaining a work visa and a work permit in Norway.  So let’s discuss what the opening of a visa gives and how long such permits are valid.

Work Visa to Norway

A work visa allows you to;

  • Stay legally on the territory of the kingdom during the validity of the visa;
  • Work full-time;
  • To be engaged in entrepreneurship;
  • Carry out volunteer work (free of charge).

There are regulated procedures and a procedure for obtaining a visa, according to which the candidate submits a certain package of documents. 

Since September 2019, it has become mandatory to submit biometric data.

Duration of Work Visas

According to the validity period, visas are divided for qualified specialists and seasonal workers. 

The maximum stay for the first category is 12 months, extended if necessary. In the second case, the service visa is valid for only 3 months.

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Pros and Cons of Working in Norway

According to most migrants, Norway is one of the most prosperous countries in the world. 

Just like other places, there are advantages and disadvantages here. But the advantages are more;

Positive points:

  • Big salary;
  • Working day 7.5 hours, overtime is a rarity, but they also pay well;
  • There is always work on oil platforms in fisheries;
  • There is no big gap in salaries;
  • Employers pay for food and accommodation;
  • High level of social protection;
  • The possibility of moving with your family;
  • The prospect of obtaining permanent residence.

Negative points:

  • High taxes;
  • The need to learn the language;
  • A large number of applicants for vacancies;
  • Cold climate;
  • The need to confirm qualifications.

Conclusion: Jobs in Norway for Foreigners

Life in Norway is not cheap at all, but with your salary, you can live well. After working for 3 months, you must register on a web portal as a worker since it offers the necessary services or you can make a complaint there. 

If you are a foreigner, your holidays will not be very good since they only give 26 exact days.

After you have finished your vacation and decide to miss a working day, two things may happen: you lose your job or you will get a pay cut (in Norway work is something quite serious to take). 

When being hired anywhere, you must sign a contract in which they tell you what your labour rights are.

Now that you have learnt about jobs in Norway for foreigners, you should ensure that you share it with your colleagues online who might find it useful.

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