How to Spoil Your Boyfriend in Bed

Once you know how to spoil your boyfriend in bed, then you can be pretty sure other women won’t even get in your way.

Also, if you can master the techniques that would be discussed today, then you will be giving your boyfriend everything he could ever want in bed.

See how to spoil your boyfriend in bed below.

How to Spoil Your Boyfriend in Bed

Follow these techniques discussed here to get started;

  1. Oral Sex

Men love oral sex, but you set out to do it with desire and pleasure.

Give yourself totally to this affection. Look at him now and then, look him in the eye, to see his display of pleasure, tell him how you like to suck him and how you like his taste.

Suck him willingly, taking care so as not to hurt him with your teeth.

Suck, lick, caress, suck the balls if he likes, and suck the cock’s glans, the perineum (region through the testicles and anus).

If he likes it, you can caress him, kiss him and stimulate him in the anus as well. Many men like this caress.

While you suck all over his ass, you can use your hands and masturbate at him at the same time.

And again if he likes it, you can slip your finger into his anus while you’re sucking him, massaging his prostate.

By far this is the most accurate thing to spoil your boyfriend in bed. You’ll be amazed at how powerful orgasm is when you do it right.

So what are the things you should do to make sure he enjoys it?

  • A lot of salivae

When trying to spoil your boyfriend in bed with oral sex, you will find that using a lot of salivae is something he likes.

Because when you give a man a wet feeling, he feels more sensual, providing better stimulation.

  • Focus on the tip of the penis

When trying to please a guy with oral sex, you may feel that you need to give equal attention to the entire penis. The truth is, you shouldn’t.

The top is much more sensitive than the rest, which means it’s nicer for him to have the top stimulated than the bottom.

He will go crazy with pleasure.

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Are you the type that enjoys swallowing sperm? So do it. You will see how much pleasure he will see. But if you don’t like it, don’t even try.

How to Spoil Your Boyfriend in Bed
How to Spoil Your Boyfriend in Bed
  1. Change your sex positions

Spoiling your boyfriend in bed requires you to try new positions.

It’s important to be aware that nothing kills your sex life faster than its routine. Use some new positions to use on him (as well as continue to use the ones you like).

Here are a few to get you started;

  • Leaning Position

In this sex position, you will be standing and leaning on a table or even the hood of a car.

The man will also be on his feet and enter you from behind.

  • Lap Dance

In this position, the man will be sitting on a chair or sofa. You need to meet him, leaning in so he can enter you.

In this position, there’s a smooth transition from dancing to sex which leads to an immense feeling of pleasure.

  1. Have sex in the whole house and other places

Don’t limit yourself to the content of the bed. Explore other places, other rooms, other furniture, rugs, shower, pool, garden, garage, stairs, car, etc.

  1. His Lips

Well, who knew, one of his erogenous zones is the same as yours: his lips.

This is not surprising actually. After all, the membranes that make up the lips are full of nerve endings.

So, the next time you think he’s not much of a kisser, give him a lip treatment that will make him want to kiss you all the time.

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How to master his lips

It’s so easy to kiss your partner on the mouth that you’ll probably just go ahead and give him a big, wet kiss whenever you want.

But, now make him beg, kissing him everywhere but on the lips. And make him crave it by depositing big wet kisses all over his body.

Be sure to give lots of kisses too: wet, hard, fast, sucked…you have an idea.

All these moves will make him want to be kissed straight on the lips and soon.

And when you finally “give up,” do a lot of things like circle your lips with your tongue, and when they’re wet, gently exhale over them.

This technique will drive him crazy!

How to Spoil Your Boyfriend in Bed

  1. Abuse of Kisses and Caresses

Another way to spoil your boyfriend in bed is to abuse kisses, nibbles, sucks, licks, and caresses all over the body.

Show him that there are many more parts of the body that are receptive to erotic touch.

Discover together these places that are sometimes unknown.

Do you know that part where you didn’t even have a mouthful, a blowjob, a lick?

Pass there with your teeth, with your mouth, with your fingers.

  1. Find Out New Things

When you’re trying to figure out how to spoil your boyfriend in bed, you might want to look at pornography.

You will notice that in many scenes, the man focuses on the girl’s chest, neck, butt, or face.

This isn’t something you or your man might necessarily want, but it’s a great way to show him that you’re willing to try new things to keep his sex life interesting.

As a lady, watch for where ladies focus mostly.

  1. Make sex fun and enjoyable.

Don’t demand and don’t worry about your performance. Just surrender fully. Forget the teasing and enjoy every time. Orgasm will be a consequence



Now that you know how to spoil your boyfriend in bed. You should go ahead and get into action.

So ensure that you share this with your colleagues who might also be interested in knowing how to spoil their boyfriend in bed.

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