How to make money in one hour (Offline and Online)

You know that feeling when you feel like catching up on a show, playing video games, or probably going on sightseeing with friends but don’t have enough money to cater for the expenses. That brought the idea of me writing up this piece of content on how to make money in one hour, either online or offline.

You can make extra cash by following this simple guide I will show you today that helped me get out of those shoes of always thinking if there is a way to make money in an hour.

The truth is that there are so many platforms that allow you to make a pretty amount while in the comfort of your home. Let’s quickly dive in without much hesitation.

How to make money in one hour (Offline and Online) 10 Proven Ways 


How to make money in one hour

  1. Consider a pawnshop

A pawnshop is an establishment that loans money to people who brings valuable items for cash. To make money, you have to leave valuable items like jewelry, gold, watches, and of course, televisions.

Please note that not all pawnshops are created equally, so I’d recommend you check out their reviews online before thinking about exchanging your valuables with them.

How to make money in one hour

  1. Sell your unwanted stuff

There are so many consignment stores ready to have unwanted items like clothes you don’t wear anymore.

You can search online for the query “clothing consignment store near me,” and you will have many option displays with lots of them willing to offer you money for your unwanted clothes

One good thing about making money with this option is that you get your cash at a spot.

  1. Sell a Gift Card

Do you have a gift card lying around you? If yes, then consider selling them at a reputable card store such as Raise and Cardpool. Here the amount you get depends on the card value you tend to sell.

How To Make Quick Money In One Day

  1. Take Surveys

Taking an online survey is one thing I recommend if you’d want to make money fast in one hour. While having lots of company that claims to be legit but ends up scamming their user same time are also real ones that pay per hour, e.g., Swagbucks, OnePoll, inboxDollars, and Pinecone Research which pays you $5 per each successful signup.

By leveraging on these mentioned survey companies, you can earn yourself some good figures per day.


  1. Sign Up for Rewards

If you are the type who loves spending, this idea is a great fit to start making some cool cash.

Regular use of supported reward credit cards like Discover is a great option as credit karma allows you to spend and get a credit score with no hassle

  1. Bet Matches

If you are a football freak and have excellent skills in match predictions, consider this an opportunity to make money fast as it gives you the chance to win big money and provide you with cash daily.

Please note that this specific idea is limited to betting age at least 18+ depending on your country’s policies.

Another legitimate way to win money with gambling is by playing Casino without wagering requirements but pays you a special bonus for any winning, usually in cash, but mind you, not all Casino sites have these offers available.

How to make money in one hour

  1. Use your Facebook to make money in an hour

As this may too sound awkward, but I bet you’d make money if you read through the simple ways I use in making myself extra money per hour on my Facebook.

Here is the idea, you sell to get a cash

All you need is to get a high-resolution picture of what you want to sell, provide a well-written description of the item and pricing, or you can go to the item product page to get a detailed description.

After that, create a post with it and share it to your TL and local selling groups on your Facebook; if you don’t have any, you can join by searching on your Facebook for possible selling groups, join and wait for approval then you can start making money as people who are interested in your post will comment. At the same time, some will shoot you a DM.

  1. Sell your services for money

If you have a family member or friend who is always engaged with works, you can offer to sell out your service to them in return for cash for each of your services rendered.

This could be from offering those jobs they don’t like doing or don’t have time for, such as data entry, massage, and so on

  1. Tutor

Running an online tutorial is one great technique I use whenever I’d feel I need to do stuff to get paid in an hour. If you have an excellent skill in a particular subject, then you may consider leveraging in an online class to pass out vital information to a group of people who may require your subjects.

Many platforms contract online tutors, such as Skype, Google hangout, zoom, facetime, and Cambly. By so doing, you’d make a considerable amount to no specific limit in an hour.

How to make money in one hour

  1. Transcript to make money

If you are skilled at transcribing videos, consider this gig as an idea to make money in one hour. You are required to transcribe a video and audio into a text format and get lots of cash paid into your PayPal.

Platforms like transcribeme.com allow you to register for a transcribing gig.

Please note that this platform allows you to track your weekly work and access to withdrawal once you reach the threshold of $20. Payment is sent in every Thursday before 9 am and secured with end-to-end encryption.


Bonus Tip

Get paid for playing mobile games, watching videos with apps like Mistplay, InboxDollars, and Qriket, while video earning platforms like SuccessBux and iRazoo can earn you some considerate amount.

You shouldn’t just sit and expect money to come to you; instead, you should try any of the listed above ways to make money in one hour.

There are lots of people interested in knowing how to make money in 1 hour online. Kindly use the share button to make this article get to them, and please feel free to use the comment box for more addition on ways you think one can make money either online or online. Thanks for reading.

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