How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

Making a woman cry in bed has always been the conversation but today we’ll let you know how to make a man cry in bed.

Men indeed have certain pleasure buttons just like women, and if you know where those erogenous zones are and how to stimulate them, you’ll soon be making a man cry in bed.

Crying in this context doesn’t mean anything negative. I will call it a cry of pleasure or tears of joy Lol. And if everything discussed in this article today is put into practice, your man will consider you a s*x goddess.

So below is how to make a man cry in bed. But before that, let’s talk about some foreplay tips that make a man go crazy in bed.

Foreplay Tips That Will Make Your Man Want You Immediately


  • Pay attention to his ears

The ears are designed to pick up the most subtle sensations.

So while this is one of the most direct ways to send your partner to heaven, remember that when it comes to the ears, less is more.

Place your lips very close to your partner’s ear and start letting them feel your breath and why not? Some pretty explicit previews of what you’ll do later.

Men love to hear that. Once his nerves are sensitized, very gently let your tongue run around the outside of his ear.

When you feel the first tremors of excitement, take his earlobe between your lips and suck gently. This will awaken the erogenous zone.

  • Kiss his neck

Very few things indicate a desire for physical intimacy with a person and one of them is kissing on the neck.

Never miss out on all the erotic potential of this area.

Remember that it is a very sensitive area, so no biting. And unless your partner likes them, much less hickey. Just kiss gently and use your tongue going up and down.

If rough play is your thing, you can allow yourself a very light bite just below the ear area.

  • Don’t forget his fingers

One of the things that turn men on the most is a woman licking and sucking on their fingers.

It immediately evokes another type of oral activity that drives them crazy. So take advantage of this in your favor.

Place the tip of your tongue at the base of your man’s fingers, right in those sensitive folds, and subtly explore them.

Little by little, go up finger by finger and end up sucking each one from the base, sucking with moderate force.

If you want to excite him even more, look him in the eye while you do it.

  • Caress his face with your lips

With very dry lips (and this includes not bringing lip gloss or anything that could ruin the experience), caress his face with your mouth and very slowly.

Start with his forehead making small movements. Then it goes down to the cheeks, goes up again to the eyes, and plays with his eyelashes.

Slowly work your way down his nose and toward his chin before finishing in his mouth. This is a super s*xy way to anticipate a passionate kiss.

By the time his mouth finally meets yours, he will be dying to kiss you, and surely something else.

  • Kiss the roof of his mouth

If you think you have already explored every millimeter of your lover’s mouth, try stimulating the roof of his mouth or palate.

When you are in the middle of a very intense kiss that has a good chance of ending in s*x, make sure to do so by curving your tongue slightly until you can stimulate the back of his upper teeth.

When people kiss, they always go to the tongue, and that’s all very well, but other super sensitive parts are also well worth exploring.

Exploring these areas can bring out tears from your man’s eyes.

  • Pay attention to the knees

This is an erogenous zone that has the misfortune of never being considered as such.

But the knees and especially the part behind them, are full of nerve endings, just like the inside of the elbows.

A little stimulation with your tongue in this part will generate super intense sensations because, in addition, he is surely not used to it.

Just measure his reaction carefully, many people do not love these sensations in this part of the ankles, or they generate rather a lot of tickles.

And it’s not exactly the best time to provoke a fit of laughter, is it?

  • Kiss his thighs

Starting just above his knee, plant a feather-light kiss right there. And then build the route upward, increasing the pressure of your lips on his skin the further you go.

This is exactly what you need to do to drive your partner crazy and prepare him for a great s*x session.

Women sometimes think that men are not particularly concerned with foreplay, but the truth is that the vast majority love it, and this one, in particular, anticipates the type of oral stimulation that they like the most.

  • Start talking

The mouth serves many things. Taste, kiss, lick, bite … and talk. Men love auditory stimulation. So put aside the prejudices and let him hear what he has always wanted.

Talking about s*x is a great way to explore both of your fantasies and to push the excitement to the max.

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How to Make a Man Cry in Bed – 6 Secrets To Make Him Cry

Having made your bed very hungry for s*x. You should see how to make him cry in bed.

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
  1. Say Good Morning with Some S*x

Surely you have ever noticed that your man wakes up in the morning with a great erection.

This is mainly because men tend to have higher testosterone levels in the early morning than at other times of the day.

This is why guys generally love to have s*x fresh out of bed, so why not try to surprise him one morning with a “good breakfast” in bed?

If you want to make a man cry during a morning s*x session, you can first try giving him some oral s*x right before he opens his eyes and wakes up, and then get on top of him for strong and wild intercourse that takes him to climax in seconds.

Surely he will not be able to help to moan of your pleasant good morning. Saying good morning with some s*x to make a man cry in bed.

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

  1. Perfect Your Oral S*x So That He Moans With Pleasure

Many men love oral s*x. However, it is important to do it well so that it obtains exorbitant pleasure. If you want your man to cry with your oral s*x, it is recommended that you follow these tips:

  • Have a constant rhythm

It is recommended that you start with smooth and slow movements and increase the rhythm more and more according to your arousal.

When you reach the point of no return, you mustn’t miss a beat so that your man achieves a very intense orgasm.

  • Massage his testicles

It is a fairly common mistake that, during oral s*x, we only focus on the penis.

However, while you use your mouth and one hand for his penis, you can also use the other to caress his testicles.

Massage them very gently so that your partner has a much more intense orgasm.

  • Lubricate the area well

This advice is just as important as the previous ones since, without good lubrication, the penis can suffer the friction of your hands and consequently your man scream … but in pain.

To do this, use your saliva or some massage oil. Be uninhibited during s*x.

If there is something that a man is completely turned on, it is to see his girl freed from taboos in bed.

One way to get a man to moan during s*x is as simple as seeing you moan and express the pleasure you are feeling during your s*x session.

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  1. Squeeze your vagina during intercourse

To get a man to cry during orgasm, you can try constantly contracting and relaxing your vagina muscles, as they greatly enhance pleasure during se*ual activities.

If you find it difficult to contract this area of ​​the body, there are a series of exercises that can help you tone and strengthen your vagina.

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed

Try some of the following routines;

Sitting on a bench, spread your feet a little so that they are parallel and contract your vagina for a few seconds as if you had something inside and you don’t want it to fall off, and then relax the area.

With the same position, contract and relax the vagina quickly and constantly.

Lie down facing up and raise your legs. Open and close them as if they were scissors while contracting the muscles of the pelvic area.

How to make a man cry in bed – squeeze your vagina during intercourse

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
  1. Fulfil any of your se*ual fantasies

In addition to the above tips, you can also make your man cry with pleasure by fulfilling some of his se*ual fantasies.

We all have our se*ual fantasies and although some may seem out of reach, others can be very simple when it comes to fulfilling them.

Ask your man what his se*ual fantasies are and tell him yours so that he feels comfortable and confident, to be honest with you.

Once you know what his most hidden desires are, you can wait for him the day he least expects it at home or in another place and surprise him with the idea that you want to fulfill some of them.

Orgasm is guaranteed.

How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
How to Make a Man Cry in Bed
  1. Stimulate his erogenous zones to increase your pleasure

If you are wondering how to make a man cry in bed, you can also try stimulating some of his erogenous zones, as it will increase both his arousal and pleasure during s*x.

Although each person can have their sensitive areas. Generally, men tend to feel a lot of pleasure stroking and rubbing both your fingers and your tongue areas such as the back, neck, and/or ears.

  1. Surprise him with s*x anytime, anywhere

Finally, another thing that men like the most are that their partner is sometimes spontaneous and surprises them at any time and place.

So if you want to make him cry and have one of the best orgasms of his life, unzip his pants while you’re at the drive-in or on the beach.

He will be delighted that you want to have s*x right then and there. However, you must be careful if you do it in public areas since it is prohibited.

How to make a man cry in bed – surprise him with s*x anytime, anywhere

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can Make a Guy Cry?

Other things aside from hot s*x that can make a man cry include; heartbreak, spicy foods, emotional songs, death of a pet, finales of his favorite shows, among others.

How Do I Make a Man Cry for More in Bed?

You can make a man cry for more in bed by doing the following;

  • Acting Weird in Bed
  • Keeping the Mood Going
  • Involving him in some s*xual activity.
  • And exploring his erogenous zones.

Which Part of the Male Body is the Most Sensitive?

Men have so many sensitive spots on their bodies that can be explored but the most sensitive part of their body is the head of their penis. Other parts include; neck, lips, thighs, ears, and many more.

Where is the Best Place to Touch a Man to Turn Him On?

There is no particular place to touch to turn a man on because men have several erogenous zones. You can explore all of those parts to turn him on.


At this juncture, I believe you now know multiple ways to make a man cry in bed. Ensure that you put them into practice for you to get your desired result.

Meanwhile, consider sharing this piece with your colleagues who might also be interested in knowing how to make a man cry in bed.

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