How to delete Wechat account – Delete Wechat 

Fed up with your Wechat account but don’t know how to get rid of it? Here is a step-to-step guide on how to delete Wechat account.

Wechat is in no doubt one of the most popular multi-purpose messaging apps used by the Chinese with over 570 million daily active users with approximately 1.1 billion registered users within the territory.

Wechat was first launched in 2011 by Tencent and as time goes on became the most used app in 2018 supporting 17 languages and made compatible for all devices such as Android, iOS and windows.

In 2016, Wechat was accused of not having an end to end encryption to protect its user’s privacy which is so alarming to registered users as they’d send p2p payment.

We believe this bug has been taken care of by the bug team since people still get involved in this fast leading app.

Now we are going to take you on a simple A-Z process on how to delete Wechat account permanently in less than 3 minutes.

We may not be able to detect your reason for deleting your wechat account but from random comments on our forum, users complained of deleting their account when their details are not correct or missing phone number.

Let’s quickly dive in 


How to Delete Wechat Account – Delete Wechat  Permanently 

Kindly follow these below steps to close your Wechat account

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click “ME” usually located at the right side of your screen
  3. Select “SETTINGS”
  4. Click on “ACCOUNT SECURITY”
  5. Scroll down to “DELETE ACCOUNT”
  6. Check the confirmation box to give a go-ahead to your account deletion
  7. Click “NEXT”
  8. Enter your password and ensure to pass the security Captcha to confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake and tap “NEXT”
  9. Enter a reason for deleting your Wechat account or leave blank
  10. Click on “DELETE” and your account will be deleted permanently 

To sum it up Here are the actions expected of you to close your Wechat account

“Me > Settings > Account Security > WeChat Security Center >  Account Cancellation”


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Here comes to the end of this article on how to delete your Wechat account permanently and if still have any more questions regarding Wechat, kindly drop your comment below and do not hesitate to use the social share button to reach out to those interested in knowing how to close Wechat account. Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day.

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