How To Delete Target Account – Close Target Account 

Do you find it difficult deleting your target account? Worry no more because am going to show you how to delete target account at all stress-free processes.

Target is no doubt one of the biggest brick & mortar and online marketplace selling everything ranging from electronics to groceries, clothing and personally used items.

Target as a market place is considered one of the best online platform for buying items due to it user discounted price and easy accesses to exploring around the website from the classic selections of items as categorized according to its user need.

All being said users still want to delete their account for reason best known by them. Most of the random reasons give by Target users are individuals getting unnecessary spam mails which led to them leaving the great platform. 

For such reason as email spam, it is recommended you mark all incoming email on the platform as spam so it automatically goes to the spam folder of your email. If still not solved, you can try unsubscribing from their newsletter and still rock your account.

If you want to delete your account due to some other reason not known to us or because of the death of someone (account user) here is an in-depth A-Z process involved in terminating your Target account. Read carefully and please bear in mind that deleting, closing, or deactivating your Target account will NEVER be reversed once initiated. Now let’s get started 


How To Delete Target Account – Cancel Target Account 

Here are the easy steps to delete your Target account 

  1. Contact Support team on 800-591-3869. Carefully follow the automated list and wait for a representative to answer 
  2. Tell him/her you want to delete your account 
  3. And you will be asked to present your account holders name & account holder billing information over the call
  4. Once provided your Target account will be successfully deleted with immediate effect 

Another way to delete your account is by visiting the website.  Here’s how


  1. Go to www.target.com and sign in to your account 
  2. Locate the help section which is usually located at the bottom part of the page
  3. Tap on contact us and fill up the requirement to chat with support 
  4. Tap on the Chat us to have a live one on one conversation with the support official 
  5. Enter your name and email address on the pop up blank space and click on Chat 
  6. Wait for some second a representative will answer you and you can proceed by telling him/her to delete your account with a good reason 
  7. Your Account is deleted successfully after all


Here is the last step to close your Target account I.e by sending mail

  1. On your mobile or web browse sign in to your email account and compose a well written and send to this address [email protected]
  2. On the provided subject space fill in with “REQUEST TO DELETE MY TARGET ACCOUNT”
  3. Now write your reasons for the account deletion and attached your account username & registered email and click SEND
  4. It will take approximately 24hrs to be received and your account will be successfully deleted with an email notification stating the status of your account deletion 

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