How To Delete Swagbucks Account – Cancel Account

Deleting an online account you no longer log in to is the best way to stay off data theft and compromises. This article will expose to you how to delete Swagbucks account permanently in less than 3 minutes. Kindly follow the below-given instructions carefully to get rid of your Swagbucks account.

Swagbucks is an American rewards and loyalty program operated by Prodege, LCC and is located in El Segundo, California, United States.

With Swagbucks, game lovers are being paid for playing an online game and also get paid in other simple tasks like taking surveys, shopping online to gain a free gift card and earn every day for almost all you do online.

Nevertheless, registered users still want to delete their account as the reason best known to them and if you are at this point of this post, it totally tells you are interested and ready to close your Swagbucks account? If yes let’s show you how.

Note: please bear in mind that when delete, cancelling or closing your account all your data will be erased and you can’t undo them, so have a rethink before taking the decision to terminate your account permanently.


How To Delete Swagbucks Account – Cancel Account

Carefully follow these steps to delete your Account as any mistake made will result in your account not being deleted from the platform.

  1. Go to https://www.swagbucks.com/ and login to your account 
  2. Click on your profile and tap on “Settings” from the drop-down list. Or alternatively, click on http://www.swagbucks.com/account/settings
  3. Enter your password and tap on the “Get Access” link or button
  4. Click on the “Delete My Account” located under Reset Security Question 
  5. Enter your password again to confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake 
  6. Click on the “Delete Account” option 
  7. Go to your email and confirm your deletion by clicking on the confirmation link from there 
  8. Finally, your account is successfully deleted and you will get an account cancellation notification on your Swagbucks page

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Here comes the end of this piece “How to delete Swagbucks account” and if found helpful, do not hesitate to share with your friends who are looking to get rid of their account. Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day ✌️

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