How to Delete Protonmail Account

Are you looking for how to delete protonmail account? You have come to the right place. We are going to talk about what it takes to delete a protonmail account. Whether this is because you want more privacy or just don’t need an email address anymore, deleting your account is simple and can be done in less than five minutes!

We promise that we are not going to be talking about how to delete your account from the point of view of a business. The process for deleting an account is quite different if you are someone who has many clients and needs people’s email addresses so they can reach out. If this sounds like what you want, I highly recommend checking out this article with simple steps to get rid of your account.

If you are ready though, let’s get started with how to delete protonmail account:


How to Delete Protonmail Account

how to delete protonmail account

  1. Log in and click “Settings” at the top right corner
  2. Click the “Delete Account” tab. You will then have space to input your password to confirm you are not deleting your account by mistake

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What is protonmail?

Protonmail is a free, open-source email service that emphasizes security and privacy.

What is ProtonMail used for?

Protonmail is used to send encrypted emails.

Why delete a proton mail account?

 There are several reasons why you might want or need to delete your proton mail account. One may be that you no longer need it for the purposes it was initially created, such as if you have switched from using email at work to using Slack instead. Another reason may be that someone has convinced themselves they’ve been hacked and wants complete control over their data by deleting everything without having access to any of the information stored in an encrypted format on their servers.

How to create a Proton Mail Account?

 You can register for protonmail by either signing up on the official website or downloading one of their applications from Google Play or the App Store.

The registration process takes about two minutes. Once you are logged in, there are three steps: data verification (uploading your photo id), password change confirmation, and finally confirming the username you want to use with this new account.”

*Tip: It’s always good practice to have different passwords for each site where you provide personal information such as phone numbers, addresses, etc.*”

Also, note that deleting your protonmail account means all messages will be permanently deleted and the account will be removed from all devices.

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