How to Delete Keeper Security Account – Delete Keeper Account

Do you wish to learn how to delete Keeper security account? If yes, here is detailed step to step guides to get rid of your account.

Keeper Security is in no doubt the best online password management system that allows its registered users to save passwords for reference purposes. It is a zero-knowledge security provider that guarantees the highest level of privacy and security to its users and high-class amazing features such as

  • Keeper security server does not receive data in plain text
  • Data is decrypted and encrypted 
  • Top-notch service provided to suit users demand 
  • Data is encrypted locally on the user device before it finally gets to keepers security cloud 
  • Runs on all device types (Mac Os, Windows, Linux, and Android operating systems)

Having possessed the above features, keepers users still want to delete their account as the reason best known to them while some delete keeper security account due to an alternative to password management system or excessive spam mails which can be controlled by marking all spam messages to as spam so it automatically gets to the spam folder option. 

On the other hand, you can unsubscribe from their newsletter by clicking on the bottom link attached to every mail sent, and by doing so, you are free from unwanted spam emails.


How to Delete Keeper Security Account – Delete Keeper Account

To deactivate keeper security account, kindly follow the below steps to get it done.


Delete By Sending Email 

  1. Go to your web or mobile mail 
  2. Compose a well-written message with reasons for deleting your account 
  3. Attach your account username and email address used in singing up
  4. On the subject space use “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT “
  5. Send to [email protected]
  6. Your mail will be reviewed within 24hours followed up with a confirmation mail stating the status of your account.

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Delete by visiting the website

  1. Click on the link to contact support 
  2. Fill up the required spaces with your Correct contact details such as name, phone number & email address 
  3. On the provided subject space to enter a note, kindly drop a nicely written note stating about the deletion of your keeper account 
  4. Accept terms and conditions 
  5. Click on the submit button and wait for hours to get a support response on the success of your account deactivation 


Delete your Keeper Security Account with Live Chats

This is one of the easiest ways to cancel a keeper security account. Kindly follow the below procedures to have your account deleted 

  • Login to your account using mobile or web version 
  • On the right bottom screen, you will see an option to chat live with support 
  • Click on message like circle button usually in a blue and white color to prompt live chat 
  • Fill up the box with the required details and you will then have to chat live with a representative who will handle your request per your desire

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