How to Delete Ifunny Account – Deactivate Ifunny Account

How to delete ifunny account: Do you ever feel irritated due to constant pop-ups or annoying emails and messaging from the popular entertainment website “ifunny” and have decided to delete your ifunny account? If yes, here is a detailed A-Z process on how to delete ifunny account.

Here is a brief intro of what an ifunny app or website is all about for those who may be coming across ifunny for the first time. Now let’s get started.

Ifunny is an online entertainment website aimed at providing Its users with amazing gif images, short videos, and sweet memes to put a smile on one’s face. So, if you are bored, I’d recommend you visit the ifunny website to cheer up your day with funny Gif images.

Here is another good thing from this wonderful entertainment website, its registered user can actually make use of the edit option to make his or her preferred gif image, create memes, and of course a short video. Users are allowed to comment, share their created image/memes to social media platforms as users are provided with the right to comment from the initial gif, shorts & memes setup.


Here are some features of ifunny I’d want you to know

  1.     Easy to navigate through and use, all you have to get started is picking a frame and your images and you are awesomely good to go with the app.
  2.     Filled with lots of funny memes, short and frame which cheer up your boring day.
  3.     Website is designed to fit user’s accessibility
  4.      The ability of a registered user to find friend right in the comment section
  5.     Access to share your created meme & gif with those outside the website i.e., your social media friends
  6.     It is very easy to sign up with the app and requires nothing order than your legitimate Facebook, Google, Twitter or email address {Not really compulsory user can sign up with his/her random emails}

Notwithstanding the amazing features of this website, many users still want to exit from the platform for reason best known by them. Per my case, I will say it is due to the constant receiving of notifications, fraud cases, or users deciding to do away with the app.

 Having gone through this provided intro, I’d say we all understood what the ifunny website does and possible reasons why its users are deciding to delete their account. Now let’s dive into the topic of the day being how to delete ifunny accounts.

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How to Delete Ifunny Account – Deactivate Ifunny Account

There are two different ways to delete ifunny account which is mentioned below.

Delete ifunny Account Through an App

Follow these procedures to deactivate your ifunny account through the app

  1.     In your ifunny account, go to your profile icon and navigate to settings and privacy
  2.     Tap account and click on the deactivate your account button located at the bottom
  3.     Read and accept your account deactivation T&C and accept
  4.     You will be promoted to a screen requesting for your password to confirm is not a mistake. Enter your password and click YES to proceed with your account deactivation after that
  5.     Your ifunny account id was successfully deleted.

Delete ifunny Account by Sending Emails

This process requires you to send a well-constructed email to ifunny support team asking them to deactivate your account with them.

Here are the steps involves

  1.     Use your web or mobile email to send a good mail with your registered ifunny email
  2.     After composing your mail stating that you want to delete your account with reasons, send to this email address [email protected]
  3.     On the provided blank email subject fill it in with “Request To Delete My Account”
  4.     Hit Send and your mail will be reviewed shortly and your account will be deleted successfully.

 Here is a deactivation mail sample, you can copy and use it to send your mail to ifunny support team. 

“Greeting Team Ifunny,

I am a registered user of your app “Ifunny” with the name {Mention your name used in the account creation} and I wish to delete my account with the following email {Mention your email} due to personal reasons, I no longer want to receive your notifications and advertisement emails.

I’d be glad if my request is granted successfully and please feel free to get more information in regards to the query if need be. You can contact me on {Drop your email, Phone number or Skype ID}

Best Regards

{Your Name}”

 Useful Resources

Frequently Asked Questions by Users Concerning ifunny

 The below terms are frequently asked questions by ifunny users and here are happy ways to get them solved in no time.

 How do I permanently delete my iFunny account?

 For you to permanently delete your ifunny account, you will have to send an email to the ifunny support team stating the reason why they should delete your account or why you no longer need it alongside some relevant information that shows the supposed account belongs to you. Once sent it takes approximately 2-3 working days to delete your ifunny account.

 How to Delete ifunny Account on an iPhone or Android device?

 To delete ifunny account on iPhone or the Android operating system, users can do that by uninstalling the app directly from their phone because most devices do not support account deactivation or deletion.

 How to Stop the Annoying Mails or messages from ifunny?

 Constant notification can be one of the reasons users want to delete their ifunny account but in cases like this, you can mark each message received as spam or better still unsubscribing from their mail.

 Another good way is to turn off notification from the app in your settings if on android/iPhone or any device you are running on

 Be so doing, it could limit or put a stop to getting excessive messaging and allows user to enjoy their ifunny account

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Bottom Line

 I believe the above two mentioned methods to delete ifunny account solves your problem? If tried and didn’t work, do not panic as the new version seems not to have the deactivate option so you are free to proceed with the second method which is by sending mail or you can uninstall the app and you are free from the ifunny hassle. If in any condition you’d want to use the app again you can redownload from the IOS App store or android play store.

 Found this content helpful, please do not hesitate to use the social share button to reach out to those interested in how to delete ifunny account. The comment box is available for your appreciation and questions regarding the topic delete ifunny account. Thanks for reading and do have a lovely day.

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