How To Delete Expedia Account

Here’s a detailed step-to-step guide on how to delete Expedia account with zero stress and less than 3 minutes.

Expedia is a popular American online travel booking website. In order words, it is a shopping company for consumer and small business travel.

Expedia is your one-stop travel site for your dream vacation with lots of services to its users with more benefits on car rental or flight and you can save more. Expedia has been into existence as far back as 22 October 1996 founded by Rich Barton with headquarter in  Seattle, Washington, United States. 

As of Dec 2018, Expedia had a total of 24,500 employed staff making it the No:1 best travel booking site in the united states.

You can sign up to Expedia as a direct agent to attend to your client or as a user for easy and safe travels to any destination of your choice.

With all being said, Users still want to delete their Expedia account as reason best known to them but from the random comment on our forum users found an alternative to the booking site and want to close their existing account with Expedia while some tend to close their account as a result of too many non-irrelevant promotional offers. In such a case, you are required to unsubscribe from all newsletters.


How To Delete Expedia Account – Close Expedia Account Permanently 

Kindly follow the below steps to delete your account.

  1. From Expedia’s homepage, select “My Account” in the upper right corner. There will be a “Close account” option, which will prompt you to fill out the application form. You’ll receive a verification message via email. This process can also be processed by calling 1-800-EXPEDIA (1-800-397-3342)

Another means to delete your account is by sending an email to the Expedia support team.


  1. Open your mail application or webmail
  2. Compose a well-written mail stating your reason for deleting your account and attached your registered username and email address for easy access by the support officials 
  3. On the subject space type “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT
  4. Recipient, or send to [email protected]
  5. Tap “SEND” and wait for a positive response from the support on your account status.

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