How To Delete EastMeetEast Account

Hello, do you wish to delete your EastMeetEast account but don’t know how to start the initiation? This article is a detailed A-Z guideline on how to delete EastMeetEast account with no hassle all at a twinkle of an eye.

EastMeetEast as the name implies is an online dating website that allows people (men) all over the globe to meet or hook up with Asian women from the United States. Currently, EastMeetEast allows just two (2) languages I.e English and Asia for the betterment of its Asian users. 

According to research, EastMeetEast is in its growing stage as it was launched in the year 2013 by Mariko Tokioko with the sole aim of meeting new people Argos the Asian world vs English speaking countries.

The registration to this platform is made so easy unlike other dating sites which require its user to verify their account using a Govt issued ID or through Face ID usually conducted on a video section. EastMeetEast verification is easy, all you need to get verified on the platform are you confirming the confirmation link sent to your email address during the time of registration with the platform.

To have full access on the platform such as viewing others profile and checking on meet dates bios user needs to upload their clear photographs which usually takes a little time to get approved and once it is approved you will receive a worm greetings welcoming your The platform. 

The blow contains the pro and cons of this great dating platform 


  1. Easy registration as a user can sign up with either their social handles or email address 
  2. Fast and free pave ways for women 
  3. Photo moderation are strict and can easily detect a fake photo
  4. Free Instagram photo sync (it automatically shows all Instagram photos to your EastMeetEast photo album)



  1. No age restrictions 
  2. Subscription on the platform is huge (free uses won’t enjoy premium features without payment)
  3. No strict verification process (from the global scam uprising, one can easily get scammed on the platform )
  4. Language differences as it supports just two languages I.e English & Asia 

Now let’s quickly go through the main topic of the day being how to delete EastMeetEast account. Your reason to delete your EastMeetEast account may be unknown to us but many users tend to terminate their account due to the platform not having enough security measures most especially in terms of verification as one may end up being a scam victim.

Others close their EastMeetEast as a result of the platform not supporting multiple languages and if this is your reason for closing your account then I’d suggest you utilize a third party translator (Recommended Chrome translate extension rocks well)


How To Delete EastMeetEast Account Permanently 

Follow the below step to deactivate your EastMeetEast account 

  1. Go to Yout account Settings 
  2. Locate and navigate to Deactivate 
  3. Click on Deactivate account 
  4. You may be asked to confirm your account deletion hit confirm or continue button and your account is successfully deleted 

Another way to quickly delete your account is by sending mail to their support team [email protected]

Write em mail stating the reason to terminate your account with them with the subject “REQUEST TO DELETE MY ACCOUNT”

Once your mail is received your account will be successfully deleted with a notification mail showing the status of your account.

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Feel free to ask questions regarding EastMeetEast via the comment section and I’d be glad to attend to your request. Thanks for reading and do have a wonderful day Cheers 🥳

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