Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man – Things To Say In Bed to Turn Him On

In this article, we will be discussing the hot things to say in bed to a man.

When having sex, we all become more sensitive; the smell, the touch, and everything. These are the essential elements to help you and your man have a good orgasm.

Therefore, it’s not enough to just have sex without any conversation and that is why we’ve set aside some things to say in bed to turn him on.

Ensure you read through and put them into practice.

But before that;

What is hot talk?

Hot talk happens when two people exchange hot phrases to stimulate sex. It may be something daring, or even a compliment about your partner’s body parts.

But it is mainly put into practice to demonstrate an interest in your partner and vice versa.  So, check out some hot things to say in bed to a man.

Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man

10 Sexiest Hot things to say in Bed to a Man


  1. “I’ll wait for you in bed…”

Either an “I’ll wait for you in bed with a new set of lingerie” or an “I’ll wait for you in bed, I’m looking forward to your arrival”, are ideal phrases to start lighting the flame and make it clear to your partner how much you want to be with him in a more intimate way.

It is also perfect to send him by message, so if he is away from home, surprise him with some words of this type and it will excite him from afar.

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  1. “How handsome you are today”

Women love to receive compliments from their partners, but so do men.

Do not hesitate to cheer him up with a compliment like this; tell him that you love how he is dressed today, how good he smells, or how incredible that hairstyle is.

All these are likely to seduce him until he takes you to bed.

  1. “I love your body, it’s amazing”

We know that many men like to take care of their body and sculpt it for hours in the gym or playing sports.

So there is no better trick to seduce and excite them than to make them feel that you have noticed their imposing figure.

Knowing that his body attracts you and excites you will be something that will increase his self-esteem and security in bed.

Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man
Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man
  1. “Keep doing that”

Here is one of the top things to say in bed to a man.

Avoid staying quiet in bed! This is a basic rule of thumb if you want to drive him crazy and increase his arousal.

He will love to know that you like what he is doing to you at that moment and it gives you pleasure.

Do not hesitate to give him clues, whisper risqué words in his ear, and send him signals with your body.

All these will help you to convey that you enjoy each of your intimate encounters.

  1. “I want (and/or I love) to feel you inside me”

This is a phrase that does not fail when you want to excite him in bed and encourage him to go more.

Nothing better to drive him crazy than to tell him directly that you can’t take it anymore and that you’re looking forward to enjoying his penetration.

It is important to say this after a good session of foreplay. Likewise, during intercourse, nothing is more comforting for him than to tell him that you like to feel him inside you.

This will give him peace of mind and security knowing that you love sex with him and, above all, that you enjoy it to the fullest.

It is one of the things to say in bed to turn him on.

  1. “Don’t stop! Stronger! Keep going! Like this!”…

For those moments before reaching the climax, any of these words will be key to get him even more aroused and give way to experiencing a very powerful and intense orgasm.

Let him know that you are very, very close to reaching the long-awaited climax and it will be the perfect end to a unique and super pleasant sex session.

  1. “You can do whatever you want to me”

Show him your dedication and the total confidence you have in him so that he feels sure that you are willing to enjoy new sensations.

With this, he will be much more willing to give you pleasure and give free rein to his imagination so that both of you blaze with pleasure.

See more hot things to say in bed to a man below

Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man
Hot Things to Say in Bed To A Man
  1. Praise his masculinity and his penis.

That’s right!

This is a cliché in the male world. It is one of the things that men like to hear, especially from their woman

It gets to make them more confident and horny. Comment positively on his performance or, even better, talk about the “incredible size” of the boy.

Examples of hot things men like to hear about the penis: “You are awesome and you make me all wet”, “Your penis is huge! Will it fit?”

  1. Praise his performance

After you finish with a wonderful cum, take the time to praise your partner’s performance, especially if you enjoyed sex.

Tell him the parts that were the best, what you want to repeat and what made you horny the most. Men love that women recognize their qualities and abilities in bed.

Things To Say In Bed to Turn Him On
  1. Tell a sexual fantasy

Do you have a sexual fantasy and want to fulfill it with him?

The time is now! Start by telling him the fantasy gradually and with details so that he can imagine the scene.

In addition to being very tasty, you share the intimacy and still have a good laugh together.



With these hot things to say in Bed to a man, you will begin to discover each other’s hidden desires and create a very strong sexual connection.

You will also start to get more creative in sex, as everything will be more pleasant and spontaneous.

Meanwhile, you should share these tips with your colleagues online who might also be interested in knowing things to say in bed to turn him on.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks.

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