Highest Paying Jobs UK with Degree (Apply Now)

The highest-paying jobs UK with degrees include positions in healthcare, information technology, data analytics, consulting, finance, engineering, and law.

But why do workers in these occupations earn more?

Employers in countries around the world compensate workers based on; the supply and demand for the labour they provide, the training and experience necessary to perform the work, and the value that employees create within companies.

The jobs on the highest paying list are in demand and many of them required advanced education (which significantly increases your earning potential) and/or specialized training.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs UK with Degree

  1. Doctors

They diagnose and treat illness in hospitals, urgent care centers, group, and individual medical practices.

They also prescribe medications, perform surgical procedures, make referrals to specialists, conduct medical evaluations, and educate patients and their families.

The average salary of Doctors in the UK is between ₤82,096 to ₤110,683 per year.

  1. Dentist

Dentistry is unarguably one of the highest paying jobs UK with degree. Dentists diagnose oral and dental diseases, treat injuries and illnesses, prescribe and administer treatment, recommend preventive measures, and refer patients to other specialists.

Related professions to dentistry are dental surgeon, orthodontist, and periodontist.

The average salary of a dentist in the UK is between ₤79,860 to ₤107,668 per year.

  1. Accounting

Accounting education opens doors in Big Four companies (Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, EY), as well as many other accounting firms and internal accounting departments of companies in the UK.

Therefore, it is one of the highest paying jobs UK with degrees.

The average salary of an accountant in the UK is ₤84,500 per year

  1. Banking and finance

Even after the recent financial crisis in the UK, the financial industry remains highly paid.

There are many career opportunities in London in investment and hedge funds, investment banks, and insurance companies. Companies such as HSBC, Prudential, Brevan Howard Asset Management are headquartered in the UK.

The average salary of bankers and finance professionals is ₤80,262 per year.

  1. Data Architects

They lead the design, construction, analysis, coding, testing, and integration of structured and unstructured data to establish data and analytics platforms.

These platforms are then used by; forecasting teams, business management, and key partners in environments based in the cloud.

They ensure that project designs and activities comply with data policies, architecture, security, and quality guidelines and standards.

The average salary of data architects in the UK is ₤69,286 per year.

  1. Financial Planning and Analysis Managers

These people compare actual financial results with planned or anticipated results.

They recommend future actions and analyze the continued profitability of all new businesses and/or programs implemented by the organization.

They also manage the review, reporting, and submission of monthly profit and loss forecasts. Aside from that, they manage financial planning and reporting for assigned business units.

They belong to the list of highest paying jobs UK with degrees where their average salary in the UK is ₤68,140 per year.

  1. Software Development Managers

They develop software products that meet specifications generated by an internal group or by customers.

They also define and document all steps in the company’s product development process, including specifications, prototyping, testing requirements, developing new control algorithms, and writing technical documentation.

The average salary of a software development manager is ₤56,572 per year

  1. Corporate Attorneys  

Corporate attorneys are attorneys who work directly as companies’ staff.

They coordinate relationships with contracted law firms, advise business leaders on the legal implications of business practices, review business agreements and contracts, monitor compliance with industry regulations, among others.

The average salary of a corporate attorney is ₤50,641 per year

  1. Engineering Managers

They hire, train and supervise teams of engineers, coordinate the efforts of project teams to develop and execute plans for product development and redesign plants and production methods.

Engineering managers create budgets, monitor budgets, and conduct ongoing value analysis to identify new opportunities for efficiency and cost savings.

The average salary of an Engineer manager in the UK is ₤49,078 per year.

  1. Application Development Managers 

They communicate with all levels of the development and management teams to assess and prioritize staffing needs for their applications.

They devise project plans, identify critical paths, report on project status, and identify project risks and gaps early in the project life cycle.

Application development managers hire, train, and supervise developers, and assign them to projects appropriate to their skills.

The average salary of application development managers is ₤46,945.

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Useful Sites to Find a Job in the UK

Knowing the right job search techniques is the key to your success.

We have compiled the top UK job sites so that you can familiarize yourself with all the vacancies you are interested in and send your resume to prestigious companies in the United Kingdom.

  • Directgov

This is the official UK government job search site.

The filters enable users to find jobs in the United Kingdom or outside of it. There is also a function of sorting ads by date of addition, location of potential work, and the timing of the proposed contract.

How it works;

Register on their website and post your resume. For comfortable work, you can set up alerts about new vacancies that will be sent to your e-mail.

  • Reed

In 1995 it was the first job search site in the UK. Since then, Reed has been one of the most popular and useful job placement services in the United Kingdom.

Every month more than 7 million people post their resumes here to find a decent job. And there is plenty to choose from/

Every year, more than 25 thousand of both private and public employers post their vacancies on the site.

To filter out unnecessary vacancies, the user can choose the salary level of interest, the field of work, location, or even view offers only from companies that suit him.

Visit Reed website today to get started with the platform

  • Totaljobs

One of the leading job search sites which attract over 6 million people looking to find jobs in the UK.

On average, about 110 thousand new vacancies appear on Totaljobs every month from various employers – from international corporations to advertisements from individuals.

The site contains up-to-date offers in almost all areas of activity, which users can select using a filter.

You can also look at the top ads, vacancies near you and enter the necessary queries into the search.

Conclusion: Highest Paying Jobs UK with Degree

There are so many high-paying jobs UK with degrees but selected the notable ones. You can go ahead to explore these jobs or find out more about the ones that we have discussed.

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